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You have not chosen any trees!

In order to save a tree for you or a loved one go to Pick a tree.

What is Treems?

Let’s save our world with a simple yet efficient method: protecting existing trees and their surrounding ecosystem one by one. Together we are powerful enough to halt deforestation and save what we have to pass on to our children.

Are you ready? Then look at this:

Pick a tree

Pick your tree!

Or pick more trees and create your won forest! It’s very easy: look at our map and decide which tree you would like to choose, click on it and take it. You like the tree next to it as well? Click on it, too. You like to have a pattern, maybe for your loved ones? Click the shape, perhaps a heart or a logo, and you have a wonderful present! :) If you want to give the trees away, just mark the last box in the check-out process or read here more about the TreemsGift. The chosen trees will be collected before you proceed.

Done? Then you can go on!

Save your tree!

You chosed your tree or trees, now ensure the integrity of your tree by protecting it from deforestation or other harming influences.

We in turn take care of its protection by rating the protection measures of our land partners who take measures of conservation. We support our partners onsite with knowhow and technique. But sure we control the abidance of our contracts by inspection flights and satellite monitoring to detect changes in the forests as soon as possible.

For concrete protection-information, see the details of your selected tree and read more about the TreemsProtection.

Save a tree
Share the dream

Share the dream!

Congratulations, you just saved your trees. Now go on and share the dream! You can use the possibility to show your commitment and spread the word – the more supporters understand what you’ve started, the more we can achieve together.

Enlarge your personal forest, and flaunt it! You can also benefit of telling others. How? Be surprised and start getting into Treems! We already offer you lots of possibilities (e.g. via facebook orwidgets) to share it with your friends and family.

And there will soon be a lot of more options to share the dream! ;)


Why trees?

Why us?

We do not inherit the earth from our parents,
we borrow it from our children.