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Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about Treems? Maybe you can find the answer here! Click on the question to show the answer. If this does not solve your question, feel free to contact us!

What is Treems' intention?

Treems' mission is to protect the forests of our earth by providing a creative market based solution: we will enable anyone and everyone to protect trees directly online and thus actively participate in repairing the world.

How can I stay informed about news?

You can check out our blog, sign up for our newsletter or join our fan page at facebook!

Which countries are involved, or is it a global project?

So far we are active in several countries of South America, but we are planning to expand soon. Of course our goal is to be globally active and to protect on the long term also pristine forests on other continents.

What is the team's intention?

Aside from their experience and know-how our team members share the vision of achieving a more sustainable way of life and business. We want to repair our world by saving forests.

What happens if my tree dies?

We guarantee the tree's protection against all harmful exterior influences. But since your tree is part of the natural circle of life it will at some point in time return to it.

How do I create my personal pattern (logo, corporate symbol, etc.) in the forest?

You can protect a group of trees and colour them on the map in order to make your desired pattern visible. (Coming soon!)

Do you also care about the animals living there?

We preserve the tree and its ecosystem. Thus also the animals can stay in their natural habitat.

Do I have a pre-emtion right on my tree when the protection guarantee expires?

Yes, you do have a pre-emtion right on your tree. We will inform you before the protection guarantee expires. Then you can renew the protection of your trees.

Do you have a newsletter? How can I receive it?

Yes, we do have a newsletter. We will add your email address to our mailing list and you will receive our newletter as soon as there is a new one.

Does Treems cooperate with other environment protection organisations?

Yes, we consider ourselves as a team player! Together with many partners and organisations we have one goal: to protect nature and to allow everyone to repair the world.

What does "protect a tree" mean?

Sponsoring the protection of a tree means to contribute to the preservation of pristine forests tree by tree and thereby to protect also the surrounding ecosystem. An acquisition of trees, parts of plants or land ownership by the customer is impossible.

How long do you protect my tree?

The protection duration of a tree depends on the contractual arrangments with the different land partners. For every tree we provide information about the individual protection duration. We always try to protect the tree as long as possible and to renew the contract right after expiraton.


Why trees?

Why us?

We do not inherit the earth from our parents,
we borrow it from our children.